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Revision Replacement Surgery in Rajahmundry

Revision joint replacement

Sometimes, a revision surgical treatment is needed for the following primary reasons:

  • Loosening of the implant. After a few years if the components have started to wear and loosen, the hip or knee replacement may additionally require a surgery.
  • A fracture. A fall or extreme blow can reason a fracture of the bone close to the hip or knee replacement.
  • Dislocation. Suppose the implant dislocates on repeated occasions, revision surgical operation is often required to stop from occurring.
  • Infection. This can be a serious hassle. Suppose a deep infection arises in a hip or knee replacement, revision is frequently required to take out the infection and to implant new non-inflamed additives.
  • Implant recall. On occasion, the implant utilized in joint replacement is observed to have a trouble and people who obtained the implant are cautioned to be monitored through their doctor to make sure it does no longer require replacement. Revision surgery is important while an implant is recalled.

A revision joint replacement is more complicated than the initial procedure and many doctors who do primary joint replacements will refer their patients to an expert in revision surgery.


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