Back Pain, Neck Pain & Chronic Pains Treatment in Rajahmundry

Back pain, Neck pain and Chronic pain

Back pain can be a result of injury, activity and some medical conditions. It can affect people of any age, for several causes. When people get older, the chance of developing lower back pain increases because of factors like previous occupation and degenerative disk disease. Avail the Best back pain treatment in Rajahmundry with the back pain specialist in Rajahmundry.

Every individual’s neck is made up of vertebrae extending from the skull to the upper torso. Neck pain associates with symptoms like facial pain, headache, shoulder pain, and arm numbness or tingling. Usually these symptoms are often a result of nerves giving pinch in the neck. Do not neglect the discomfort and the neck pain and get the best back and neck treatment in Rajahmundry with our best doctors for back and neck pain.

Chronic neck pain can also be a sign of a serious issue like cancer or meningitis. Cervical spine problems can be accelerated by an injury, such as strain or sprain. Neck pain isn’t serious and goes away with rest in many instances. But chronic neck pain may last for several weeks or longer which needs treatment.

Chronic low back pain is considered to be chronic if it continues for greater than 3 months or longer even after initial injury or acute low back pain treatment. It may occur due to an injury, stress or disease on different structures of the body.


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