Bone Fracture Treatment in Rajahmundry

Fracture Fixations

A fracture is an unusual disruption in the continuity of a bone and is often known as a broken bone. Universal hospitals provides the expert bone fracture treatment at the best hospital for bone fracture in Rajahmundry. Experienced and best doctors for bone fracture help to provide the fracture management and get relive from the pain and discomfort in the bones.

The aim of fracture fixation is to stabilize the fractured bone, to permit fast recovery of the injured bone, and to return complete function of the injured extremity and early mobility. Treatment of fractures can be done conservatively or with external and inner fixation. Conservative fracture treatment includes closed reduction in restoring the bone alignment.

Subsequent stabilization is then attained with traction or splinting by casts, slings, or splints externally. To restrict range of motion of a joint, braces are used. Based on the principle of splinting, External fixators provide fracture fixation.

There are three basic kinds of external fixators:

  • Standard uniplanar fixator.
  • Ring fixator.
  • Hybrid fixator.

There are number of devices used for internal fixation that are split into a few major categories: wires, plates, pins and screws, and intramedullary rod or nails. With the usage of staples and clamps, osteotomy fracture fixation is done. For the treatment of bone defects of several causes, allografts, and bone graft, autogenous bone graft substitutes are frequently used. Antibiotic beads are used for infected fractures as well as for treatment of bone infections.


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