Chest Abdomen Treatment in Rajahmundry - blunt injuries Treatment

Blunt Injuries to Chest and Abdomen

Blunt injuries to chest and abdomen

A chest injury, called as chest trauma, is any form of physical harm to the chest consisting of the ribs, heart and lungs. Chest injuries typically are a result of blunt mechanisms such as motor vehicle collisions or penetrating mechanisms like stabbings. Chest injuries use forces like compression and distraction to do their harm. Rib fractures are the most usual blunt thoracic injuries. Ribs 4-10 are those maximum often involved. Normally patients report aspiratory chest pain and soreness over the fractured rib or ribs.

Some injury to the abdomen is known as abdominal trauma. Signs include pain in abdomen, tenderness, stress, and bruising of the external stomach.

It is divided into 2 type�s blunt or penetrating trauma and can include damage to the abdomen organs. Injury to the lower chest may lead to splenic or liver accidents.


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