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Long Bones Fracture Treatment in Rajahmundry

Fracture of long bones

A fracture is an unusual disruption in the continuity of a bone and is often known as a broken bone. The tibia, or shin bone is the most common long bone in the body to experience fracture. Other lower extremity fractures can exist in the fibula, the smaller of the 2 leg bones.

Treatment of a Long-Bone Fracture

To plan the treatment, your doctor will consider factors such as the cause and severity of your injury, your complete health and the extent of soft tissue damage.

Non-surgical treatment is recommended if tiny gap or displacement and/or few bone fragments are present. You may be a poor candidate for surgical procedure if you are not completely fit and in that case non-surgical treatment can be considered.

  • Initial treatment. Your doctor may initially apply a splint to render support and comfort. Once the swelling minimizes, other treatment options may be considered.
  • Cast and functional brace. Once after establishing a non-surgical treatment approach, first step is to obstruct the fracture in a cast for initial restoration. After numerous weeks, the cast can be replaced with a functional brace manufactured from plastic and fasteners. The brace will provide protection and help until complete healing. The brace can be removed for hygiene problems and for physical therapy.
  • Surgical treatment. Surgery may be suggested when you have an open fracture with wounds that is required to track or your fracture didn’t heal with non-surgical treatment. An extremely risky fracture that includes many bone fragments and a large degree of displacement may additionally warrant surgical operation.


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